VVDSM 28nm

VVDSM 28nm

Course: VDSM 28nm

Course Code: VDSL02

Course Description: The ability of optical systems availing of conventional lithography to image smaller and smaller feature sizes is limited by the Rayleigh criterion where the minimum resolvable feature size (d) is defined by formula. With the smallest possible k factor achievable today of 0.25, this implies that lithography at 45nm and nodes below it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain desired imaging performance, with each new node demanding more and more from the layout so as to ensure the lithography/etch performance is as high as possible. Physical design needs to be both lithography aware and lithography friendly and IC Mask Designs 28nm VDSM course looks to address the key challenges faced by the physical designer on these nodes.

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VDSL01 Course Syllabus

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