Words from our kind customers who valued our service

It’s comments like these that make it all worthwhile. Your testimonials mean a lot to us and make all the hard work worthwhile. Thanks goes to all the individuals that took the time to write to us to express their gratitude for a job well done, and of course to the staff at IC Mask Design that made it happen.

Oliver King– CTO, Moortec

“Moortec has a long standing relationship of partnering with IC Mask Design for layout consultancy. They have always provided technically strong resource which has integrated with our own design team seamlessly. Their engineers communicate well, provide high quality results, and in an extremely efficient manner. We have worked with IC Mask Design on a number of projects on 65nm, 40nm and 28nm and have always been impressed by their knowledge of the underlying technology, and ability to pick up the process and produce results.”

Mike Harwood – Director, Inphi UK Design team, Technical & Project lead for Inphi’s 28Gb/s PHY development

“Inphi has used IC Mask Design to supplement its in-house layout activity since 2010. During that time, IC Mask has worked on key analog building blocks for Inphi’s 28Gb/s CMOS PHY IP. IC Mask Design has always delivered high quality layout and has worked efficiently with Inphi’s engineers both in the UK and California to meet aggressive timescales. This has resulted in Inphi giving repeat business to IC Mask Design and extending contracts on several occasions. The IC Mask engineers have a thorough understanding of the requirements of layout for high-speed design and have successfully laid out a range of transmitter, receiver and clocking circuits that have needed minimal post-layout rework and no post-silicon redesign. IC Mask can successfully apply their knowledge whilst working remotely in a customer environment.”

Rosendo Lugares, IC Layout Manager, Xilinx

“IC Mask Design has been helping us in two aspect of layout design. By providing us highly experienced layout engineers when much needed and the high value training that they’re conducting. IC Mask Design Training has been essential for our Layout team especially the Advanced Analog Layout Techniques. It has given my team a thorough knowledge on the underlying issues we’re facing when designing on leading edge technologies. The Basic / Advanced Analog Layout Techniques are highly recommended for those circuit/layout engineers just starting to do layout and those experienced engineers wanting to refresh and get updated on the issues surrounding layout design.”

Brendan Barry, Director of IC Development, Movidius

“We were undertaking a very complex design on a 65nm technology node. We needed to engage a physical design partner that understood how to overcome the design challenges through a deep knowledge of the toolsets involved. IC Mask Design met all the criteria to give us the confidence that the design could be delivered on target and within the aggressive constraints that we outlined.”

Mike Murray, Business Line Manager, S3 Group

“At S3 Group we were on a tight schedule to complete the development of our high performance Mixed Signal IP on 28nm technology. To support us achieving the completion dates, we engaged IC Mask Design. The outcome of this was that we met the tight deadlines and were indeed satisfied with the contributions we received. Looking ahead to the future, we will certainly factor in availing of IC Mask Design’s layout expertise when required.”

Dr.-Ing Lutz Porombka, CEO/Geschaftsfuhrer, Creative Chips GMBH

“We are moving to design on Very Deep Submicron Technology nodes and were looking for a better understanding of the challenges we face. We engaged IC Mask Design to provide a customised 3-day Very Deep Submicron Layout Course which included lectures and associated labs. This course was attended by both frontend designers and layout engineers and we gained a better appreciation of these challenges. The course provided us with a better understanding of the impact layout has on yield with areas of parasitics, matching, isolation strategies and DFM covered in great detail. The instructor displayed an in-depth technical knowledge and was able to address any queries that arose. We would highly recommend IC Mask Design’s Layout Training Courses and will be engaging them for any future training needs”.

Dr.-Ing Lutz Porombka, CEO/Geschaftsfuhrer, Creative Chips GMBH

“Wir stellen derzeit unser Design auf Knoten um, die auf Very Deep Submicron Technology basieren. In dem Zusammenhang wollten wir uns ein besseres Bild von den Herausforderungen verschaffen, die dieser Schritt mit sich bringen kann. So beauftragten wir IC Mask Design damit, eine individuelle dreitägige Very Deep Submicron-Designschulung durchzuführen, die neben Vorträgen auch die praktische Umsetzung beinhaltete. Durch die Maßnahme, an der unsere Frontend-Designer sowie unsere Layout-Ingenieure teilnahmen, konnten wir alle einen tieferen Einblick in diese Herausforderungen gewinnen. Der Kurs zeigte sehr detailliert auf, welche Auswirkungen das Layout auf Bereiche wie parasitäre Elemente, Matching, Isolierungsstrategien und DFM hat. Der Schulungsleiter war technisch überaus versiert und lieferte uns auf jede Frage eine kompetente Antwort. Wir können die Layoutschulungen von IC Mask Design ohne Einschränkung empfehlen und werden das Unternehmen bei künftigem Schulungsbedarf gerne wieder einsetzen.“.

Carl Jackson, CTO & VP of Engineering, SENSL Technologies Ltd.

As part of our product roadmap we integrated our market leading low light sensors with a standard CMOS process. This involved close interaction between IC Mask Design, our engineering team, customer and foundry. IC Mask Design did an excellent job producing an optimal layout solution, along with supporting the generation of a parasitic flow to include testbench generation and spice simulation.  A verification flow was also developed to test and debug the physical verification decks. This all culminated in the generation of multiple testchip variants and overall we were extremely happy with the support provided by IC Mask Design and would recommend them as a Layout Design Services Partner to other potentialcustomers.

Bernhard Tschuden, Manager Analog IC Layout, Lantiq Austria (Acquired by Intel)

Our engineers have attended a number of IC Mask Design Layout Courses over the past years. After each course we have realized the benefits of improved techniques and approaches to our layout. The courses are well structured and have excellent content. The instructor was always professional and communicated in a very clear way.  We have no hesitation in recommending the Layout Courses from IC Mask Design and plan to continue to send our engineers on courses in the future.

Bernhard Tschuden, Manager Analog IC Layout, Lantiq Austria (Acquired by Intel)

Über die letzten Jahre haben unsere Ingenieure an verschiedenen Layoutschulungen von IC Mask Design teilgenommen. Jede einzelne davon hat dazu beigetragen, dass wir unsere Techniken sowie unsere Layoutansätze weiter verfeinern konnten. Die Schulungen sind gut strukturiert und vermitteln ausgezeichnete Inhalte. Die Referenten sind professionell und in der Lage, klar und verständlich zu kommunizieren. Wir können die Layoutschulungen von IC Mask Design nur wärmstens empfehlen. Unsere Ingenieure werden dieses Angebot in jedem Fall auch weiterhin nutzen.

Alison Burdett, CTO, Toumaz

“Toumaz often use layout contract resource to supplement our internal team at busy times such as approaching large SoC tape outs. On our recent RF full-custom 40nm tape out, we found IC Mask to be a competent and dependable contract layout resource. Layouts were delivered on time and to a good standard, and IC Mask were flexible in accommodating our requests for additional engineering work at relatively short notice.”

Erik Fossum Farevaag, Analog Design Manager, Energy Micro

“Fast and accurate iterations on layout were important to reduce design time and meet our specifications on extracted layout. IC Mask Design helped us achieve that. They were very flexible and always did their best to provide us with the layout resources we needed. Also, the close interaction between our internal designers and the IC Mask Layouters was very important to meet our performance specs. I would gladly recommend IC Mask Design for layout services.”

Conor McAuliffe, Founder & CEO, Ikon Semiconductor

“IC Mask Design carried out the full layout of our first LED driver product. As a small start-up company we needed a layout partner whom we could trust to take full responsibility to carry out the entire chip layout from individual analog and digital block layout through to a tapeout-ready GDSII database. Their team have the necessary experience to provide such a service and delivered the layout on-budget and on-time and we would have no hesitation in using the IC Mask Design team again.”

Dr. Tony Scanlan, Senior Research Fellow at University of Limerick

“I was very impressed with the service provided by IC Mask Design. There were difficulties with CAD tools and design kits and all these were identified by IC Mask Design and included in project planning and clearly reported to me, with suggestions made to mitigate against them. I was very impressed with the work done on the 65nm Analog Layout. For an ADC design with a large custom digital/switching network and large number of unit capacitors, the design was very well floor planned and minimised critical nets. IC Mask Design highlighted and communicated all problems extremely well, kept me updated on progress, were very knowledgeable on all aspects of the layout and tools (both analogue and digital) and really took the initiative to solve any problems that arose during the course of the project.”

Greg Lebsack, President, Tanner EDA

“Tanner EDA is a proud business partner of IC Mask Design. The basis of our relationship is a shared commitment to driving innovation and productivity in analog IC design. By combining their deep expertise in analog layout and their patented analog acceleration technology with our software; we are reducing the bottleneck in the analog and mixed-signal layout process. IC Mask Design consistently meets or exceeds project deadlines and demonstrates keen focus on the customer as well as commanding knowledge of the analog design space.”


“We had a difficult challenge, designing precision analog circuits in 90nm technology to reside on a baseband processor, in a compressed timescale. IC Mask Design were able to help meet our timescale. They were flexible, and delivered on time within the design constraints imposed. They operated like an extension of our own design team.”

Daniel E. Musciano, SADC Layout Engineering General Manager, Allegro Microsystems Argentina

“Even though some of the layout engineers attending had more than five years of experience in analog layout and had a master degree in electrical engineering, the course had plenty of useful information for them and, in many cases, it provided a much deeper understanding on subjects we already knew.
Once back in office, we called a meeting so they could share their experience with the rest of the layout and design communities, everything resulted in a much longer than scheduled meeting full of very interesting technical discussions. In summary, I would not only strongly recommend the IC-Mask Design courses to all IC Layout Engineers community, I’ll also be trying to repeat the experience within my teams soon.”

Michael Lortz, Manager Physical Design, IDT Europe GmbH

“Thank you very much for your support, training and help on our first 65nm project.We taped out in October, as we had scheduled. Beginning of this month we received the packaged silicon and analysed it in our lab.Proudly we can say: It’s not only alive, it’s functional. With your training and your support you’re a very important part of this success story.Thank you very much again. Now we’re looking forward for our next challenge, 28nm”

Dr. Chris Gamlath, PhD researcher

“Being from a circuit design background I was looking for a course that covered the practical issues associated with RF CMOS layout. IC Mask Design’s RF layout course was very useful as it covered a wide range of practical topics not found in books or basic level courses. Theoretical reasoning for difficult concepts was provided which helped to better understand the practical concepts. The delivery was very clear and the presenter’s vast experience in RF CMOS designs was useful in carrying out discussions of practical scenarios. The course was mainly targeted at industry level layout engineers but would also be useful for circuit designers as it covers how design constraints carry over into layout and vice versa. I would also recommend this course to anyone in CMOS research wanting to improve their RF layout skills .”

Craig Remund, Engineering Manager, Industrial and Timing Products Division, ON Semiconductor

“We were very pleased with the content and presentation of the IC Mask RF Layout training course. Various topics from design for parasitics, to effective layout planning, were organized in a systematic way, providing a nice platform for learning RF layout. Ciaran was very clear and concise in his training, expanding the mind of all who participated. Even many of our most senior layout designers commented on new approaches and techniques they learned that they had not considered in their many years of experience. We found the content very applicable to our current layout needs, and efforts are underway to incorporate IC Mask layout techniques into ON Semiconductor flows and best practices.”

Alfred Carl, Senior Engineer Manager, Engineering Services, Skyworks Solutions inc.

“IC Mask Design’s training courses have enabled Skyworks Solutions to deliver physical designs of higher quality and reliability than previously experienced. Their training team, with their direct experience, is the key to the entire learning experience. IC Mask Design has provided the additional tools necessary for Skyworks Solutions to be the best solutions provider possible.”

“The Advanced Analog and VDSM courses were interesting and pertinent. The content covered the basics of component composition on silicon and metal build up to an increased understanding of matching. Detail was given to the multiple effects of placing artifacts (implant, poly, metal, component or interconnect) on substrate with new insights on guard rings and parasitic capacitance. Having members of the design team together with the layout team led to detailed discussions and added to the sense of unity and a nurturing of a common approach to layout methodologies. The courses were well structured, thought out and prepared.”

Paul Egan, Director of Physical Design, Cambridge Silicon Radio

“We realized that in order to scale the company and deliver successful products to the market right first time, we needed to make sure all of our analogue designers and layout engineers really understood the impact of layout on RF and analogue circuit performance. This is becoming even more important as we move down the process geometry curve. The IC Mask Design RF layout course provides a structured approach to understanding the challenges involved in RF layout. This is coupled with lots of real world examples of the choices and techniques available to produce predictable, repeatable RF layout.”

Bram De Muer, CEO, IC Sense, Belgium

“IC Mask Design prepared a custom 3-day course for our layout team based on their Analog Layout Course (1 day) and their Advanced Analog Layout Course with some additions (2 day). This course proved to hold a vast amount of useful information even for layout engineers with more than 10 years of experience in analog layout. They were very enthusiastic about the way the course was given and about the physical insight they gained. The course has led to useful internal discussions between designers and layouters which resulted in a more optimized way of doing parts of our layouts. I would recommend the course to all layouters but also to designers who would like to get a detailed understanding of the physical implementation of analog circuits. People at IC Mask Design have been very flexible in preparing this custom course and have provided great value for money.”

Bram De Muer, CEO, IC Sense, Belgium

“IC Mask Design a préparé pour notre équipe chargée de la réalisation des layouts un stage personnalisé de trois journées basé sur leur stage de configuration analogique (1 journée) et leur stage de configuration analogique avancé enrichi de quelques additions (2 journées). Ce stage s’est révélé offrir une montagne d’informations utiles même à des ingénieurs armés d’une expérience de plus de dix ans en configuration analogique. Les stagiaires ont été enthousiasmés par la démarche du stage et l’aperçu détaillé qui leur a été donné d’y acquérir. Le stage a inspiré en interne des discussions fructueuses entre les concepteurs et les réalisateurs de layouts, lesquelles ont permis d’optimiser encore davantage la configuration de parties de nos layouts. Je recommande ce stage à tous les réalisateurs de layouts mais aussi aux concepteurs qui souhaitent acquérir une connaissance détaillée de la mise en œuvre physique des circuits analogiques. Les gens de IC Mask Design se sont révélés très flexibles dans la préparation de ce stage personnalisé et ont été les garants d’une qualité exceptionnelle justifiant parfaitement l’investissement”

“We would definitely recommend this course to all engineers that do analog layout. The Analog Layout Advanced Techniques training was excellent. I especially liked the lab exercises and found the discussion among participants to find the best solution a very valuable part of the training. The trainer is an outstanding and dedicated lecturer and the content of the course was ideal for our needs.   Overall impression is that this is one very useful and excellent course and I wish we had taken it sooner. We look forward to future dealings with IC Mask Design.”

Oleg Lastochkin, Ph.D., Head of laboratory STD/IO libraries development - JSC Mikron

“Training was useful to us. Fundamental bases and features of design of topology of protection against ESD from basic elements to the top level of the project are in detail explained and shown on real examples. Professional level of the teacher is high and there are no doubts in his highest qualification.”

Michael O'Reilly, Powervation

“We took part in the Layout for ESD course with IC Mask Design to renew and improve our knowledge on the subject. The course content was exactly what we wanted. Some of the topics covered in the course included: reasons for ESD protection, ESD failures , methods to improve ESD protection and full chip ESD strategies. The trainer presented the course very professionally, with a great knowledge of the course content and always able to backup layout recommendations with sound reasoning based on his industrial experience. The course was of great benefit to all Powervation staff and will help us in all layout related ESD issues in the future.”

Donnacha O’ Riordan, Executive Director, MCCI

“The content of the Advanced Analog Layout Course was very detailed but structured very well and easy to follow. The trainer facilitated and encouraged technical discussion amongst the participants ensuring a constant interaction with the audience. This maintained the interest level throughout the 4-day course. There is no doubt that this course would not only make you a better layout engineer, but also a better design engineer. We would highly recommend this course ”

Alexander Baturevich, Senior Analog/Mixed Signal Layout Engineer, Micronas GmbH

“IC Mask Design did an excellent job in providing us with a possibility of attending their course “Analog Layout, Advanced Techniques.” The content of this course is extremely useful and covers a lot of technical questions which help attendees to understand the main issues of Integrated Circuits and the possibilities for layout improvements. Both beginners and experienced Layout Engineers will find a lot of interesting ideas to create more perfect designs. Thank you very much IC Mask Design for this opportunity to increase our level of expertise. Strongly recommended.”

Alexander Baturevich, Senior Analog/Mixed Signal Layout Engineer, Micronas GmbH

“An der IC Mask Design Schulung „Analog Layout, Advanced Techniques“ teilnehmen zu können, war für uns eine wirklich tolle Sache. Die Schulungsinhalte waren extrem hilfreich und deckten dabei eine Vielzahl technischer Fragen ab. So konnten sich die Teilnehmer mit den Kernproblemen integrierter Schaltungen ebenso vertraut machen wie mit Möglichkeiten für Layoutverbesserungen. Die Schulungen von IC Mask Design bieten Anfängern sowie erfahrenen Layout-Ingenieuren viele Ansätze für die Designoptimierung. Vielen Dank an IC Mask Design für diese Gelegenheit, unser Knowhow weiter auszubauen. Absolut empfehlenswert!”

Eyal Offir, Layout Group Manager, Zoran Israel

“The Advanced Analog Layout Techniques course enhanced my layout skills and improved my daily efficiency. The course provided a good recap for veteran layout artists. Nowadays, in a design environment filled with automation we sometime lose touch with the fundamentals. In that respect the training provided a fresh approach for layout drawing, the three dimensions approach. I would like to commend the course instructor Ciaran. Both his profound layout knowledge AND teaching skills are inspiring.”

Anil Jain, Researcher, Tyndall National Institute

“I took the Very Deep Sub Micron Layout course focussing on 28nm. The instructor was very passionate and patient with all kind of questions that were asked. He was very clear in his communication and didn’t mind repeating to get his message across. I definitely learned a few tricks from the course and am implementing them in my layouts.”

Grzegorz Szczepkowski, Postdoctoral Researcher at Callan Institute, National University of Ireland Maynooth

“As a CMOS researcher I feel that a deep understanding of layout problems and techniques helps to improve the circuit during design stage. The Layout Training provided by IC Mask Design was intensive and thorough, focusing on practical issues of modern deep submicron processes. I can only recommend it.”

Kenneth Potter, AWE

“With our team new to analogue layout, IC Mask Design provided an excellent first course which provided our team with the necessary background theory and applied knowledge allowing a successful first tape out. IC Mask Design’s course presenters demonstrated excellent knowledge coupled with hands on approach to exercises to increase knowledge retention. I would recommend this course to engineers who are new to layout and also those with experience and personally look forward to undertaking further courses with this outstanding company in the future.”

Matthew Hobbs, Design Engineer, Amtek

“A couple of us attended IC Mask Design’s CMOS Layout course in October 2014. We entered this without really knowing much at all about the basic considerations for layout or the options for us to actually implement in a project at an affordable price. We left the course not only with a basic knowledge of CMOS layout, but also seeing that some of our future project ideas would actually be feasible for investigation. Ciaran was excellent at delivering the course, and was especially helpful in discuss the ways in which we could implement future plans in an affordable manner. I recommend this course for anyone starting out with CMOS layout design, and for any company considering the venture into CMOS based projects.”

Jide Adeniran, Managing Partner, Tetrivis

“I attended IC Mask Design’s RF Layout Course in April 2014. Course content was very detailed, with the instructor thorough and at the top of his game in the treatment of the subject. Numerous eye-opening insights were gained in the course of the 4-day training and I left on the final day inspired, and buzzing with ways to improve RF and Analogue layout quality in order to reduce parasitics, enhance device-to-device matching and deliver world-class RF silicon design performance in nanometer-CMOS process technologies. “Reduce, Reduce, Reduce,” the instructor’s catch phrase, stills echoes resonantly at the back of my mind.”

Hein van Heerden, IC Designer, Azoteq (PTY) Ltd.

“IC Mask Design’s training standard is very high. These guys really know what they are doing. They have many years of experience and it shows in their practical approach. Presentation skills are top-notch and the interaction is constructive. The course content builds from universal process fundamentals and thus is always relevant. I went away from the course inspired.”

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