IC Mask Design Attend Cadence CDN Conference Munich May 2-4.

Tom Beckley Senior VP Cadence

Tom Beckley Senior VP Cadence


Every year Cadence brings together Cadence® technology users, developers, and industry experts to network, share best practices on critical design and verification issues, and discover new techniques for designing advanced silicon, SoCs, and systems. This year keynote speaker  Tom Beckley Senior VP and General Manager Custom IC Group (pictured) spoke about how Cadence are adopting tools to handle the explosion of IoT.  Ulf Ewakdsson followed with his insights into the requirements for 5G (the fusion of all of the wireless technology) to manage this explosion.

How to make Microelectronics more attractive for High-School Graduates ?  This topic made for an interesting panel discussion. The microelectronics education system is under strong pressure to change. Its infrastructure must reflect the dynamic technological changes connected with the increasing complexity of integrated circuits and microsystems. From the CDN panel discussion this issue would seem to be a global problem not just confined to Ireland.

Companies spoke about their experiences and challenges they faced when working with sub 40nm process nodes. Moortec Semiconductor presented how they implemented their IP on a FinFet process node and how the complexity of layout dramatically increases and highlights that layout becomes more critical at this nodes / geometries.

In today’s competitive environment, companies are under enormous pressure to reduce the time and cost of their design cycle both S3 Group and Dialog Semiconductor presented how some of the Cadence tools helped to achieve this. Darren Collins from S3 Group focussed on using Virtuoso ADEGXL Circuit Optimiser to reduce their Frontend Design Cycle time at at 40nm node and Olivia Reimer, Layout Engineer at Dialog concentrated on how Cadence Electrically Aware Design (EAD) has helped to improve the layout process by a factor of 10x.

Of particular interest to us in IC Mask Design was Cadence ModGen (module generation)  which  promises to raise productivity.

With its mix of papers, techtorials, keynote speakers, the Designer Expo and the Academic track,    CDN Munich proved to be a very worthwhile conference, definitely will be back next year!